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Water, Gas, Sewer and Garbage


To apply for water, gas, sewer and garbage (garbage is included with city residents' services)

Connection Fees Water: Residential property owner-$20.00    Renter-$40.00    Commercial:  $100.00
Service Charges:                 Inside city limits-$30.00   Outside city limits-$50.00

Connection Fees Sewer:  Residential property owner-$20.00   Renter - $40.00   Commercial:  $100.00

Connection Fees Gas:  Residential property owner-$30.00   Renter-$60.00    
                                         Commercial:  To be determined per location
Service Charges:            Inside city limits-$30.00         Outside city limits-$50.00

Service charges after turn off for non-payment, before the account is in terminated status:  Inside city limits,  $60 will be added to the account balance; $100 will be added to the account balance, if payment hasn't been received by 7:00 a.m. the day turn offs for non-payment are scheduled.  The account balance has to be paid in full before service can be turned back on.


You have the option to pay your bill by bank draft  or online each month. 

An application and photo ID is required for service.  See rates for The City of Lafayette utilities.