1. What is the legal description of Deerfield Village Condominiums?

Deerfield Village Condominiums is a Horizontal Property Regime. Each Homeowner owns their own home and an equal equality share of Deerfield Village Condominiums Incorporated. Deerfield Village Condominium Owner’s Association is the “Homeowners Association” and is a not for Profit Corporation, which was formed, to own, manage, and maintain all common areas.

2. What does the maintenance fee include?

  • All lawn care excluding the planting areas around your home.
    All common area utilities (e.g. entrance sign, etc.)
    All maintenance on the exterior of all structures.
    Liability insurance on all common areas (e.g. sidewalks, etc.)
    Structural insurance on common structures.
    Property management fee and any other fees relating to the association.

3. How do I insure my new home?

There is a blanket policy for the structures, excluding contents, which is included in the monthly maintenance fee. The homeowner will be responsible for insuring their contents. The structural and liability insurance on all common entities is covered in the maintenance fee. Check with your insurance agent or the developer for more information.

4. As a homeowner, what are my responsibilities?

Payment of your monthly association fee.
Acquisition and payment of content insurance on your personal possessions.
Utility service establishment and payment (e.g. electric, gas, water, sewer, phone, cable, etc.
Always abide by the bylaws set forth and governed by the Deerfield Village Condominium Owner’s Association.

5. Whom do I call when something doesn’t work properly or needs to be repaired?

Deerfield Village Condominiums come with a standard one year builder’s warranty covering all structural components. Many appliances and other equipment also have a manufacturers warranty covering certain components and services. Any exterior problems are covered through the association fee. The association manager may have additional information if needed. If you have any problems which are not covered by the maintenance fee, or by the developer, the Association will assist you in finding a qualified person to help you in repairing your problem.

6. Can I put an addition onto or modify my home?

Any modifications to the exterior of your home must be approved by the Homeowners Association and must meet the requirements set forth in the by laws of the Association. Local building codes prohibit the addition of your home on each end and in the front due to setback and spacing requirements. Contact the Developer or the Deerfield Village Condominium Owners Association representative for more details.